First Birthday Decorating Idea

Today we went to a first birthday party for the son of some friends from our community. Their son is adorable and thinks my children, who are almost 3 and almost 5, are hilarious. Let me first say that this was probably the most laid back and fun first birthday parties I have ever been to. The weather was perfect, the guests friendly (and there were about 50 and a whole lot of children), the food simple but delicious and the atmosphere happy and relaxing. My daughter’s first birthday parties (yes, parties) were hectic. I don’t think I was able to relax the entire weekend as I tried to do everything myself. This meant I didn’t attend or enjoy the party at all. Today’s party was great – no rush, no worrying, just simple and relaxed fun. The stage was set right from the entry too as the first thing guests noticed when entering their backyard party were clotheslines full of photos of the birthday boy from his first year. There were pictures from him as a teeny tiny newborn, pictures of important milestones from his life so far, pictures of all the different family members present, and some of just him, cute as can be. I loved this idea so much that I immediately snapped a picture of it (it was with my phone, so I apologize for the quality) but what I loved even more was, at the end of the party, the birthday boy’s parents told the guests to take whichever photos they liked. I thought it made for a great “loot bag” for the adult guests – memorable, sentimental, and thoughtful!  It’s also suitable for several other parties – know someone having an important anniversary? use photos from the many years they have been married to create your clothesline. Black and white photos for an adult birthday party would make a stunning statement. With several photo places offering photo processing as low as 9 cents a photo, it makes for an inexpensive, but extremely suitable, decoration for any party.

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