Girl’s Night Out with Canada’s Chef

Tonight we had a night out with Canada’s chef, Michael Smith. Canadian Living put together a great event to celebrate the arrival of Smith’s newest cookbook, Fast Flavours. Instead of giving the audience a demo, he decided he wanted to keep it real and provide the audience with insight into why he cooks, what he cooks, and his philosophy behind it all. I was a little skeptical going into the event, but was greatly surprised by this candid answers to questions, and his sometimes firm stand on things he is passionate about (like not ever giving processed food to anyone you love, or taking the time to eat together, or bringing children into the food process). I can’t possibly share everything he said here, but I did manage to jot down his “lightning question round” answers and will share them here. His cookbook is beautifully photographed and a good starting point for cooking at home, with time in mind.

Meeting the Chef, he is 6’7″!

 The food prepared from the Fast Flavours cookbook.

Happy Campers!

Listening to the Q & A!

Getting into his answers!

Sweet or Salty? Sweet

Favourite condiment? Homemade ketchup!

Favourite snack? Brown Butter Popcorn (in the book)

Peanut butter, crunchy or smooth? Smooth

Guilty Pleasure? Root beer (the good stuff)

Favourite meal? All… breakfast (especially Saturday morning pancakes)

Death row meal? Steak, grilled… no sides

Favourite kitchen tool? Microplane *a tip came with this one, freeze your ginger to get it to grate with ease*

Best food you ever ate? He said (and has always said) it’s who is at the table, and not what’s on the table. 

Pantry essential? Chocolate on the top of the pantry, healthy on the bottom shelves of pantry, and canned tomatoes and legumes

How do you like your eggs? scrambled (he likes eggs to be yellow, he almost gaged at the thought of eating an over-easy egg)

Favourite herb and spice? Oregano and Nutmeg

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Red, White or Bubbly? Red, a nice thick one, one you need a fork for

Favourite cocktail? Chazz and Tonic made with PEI gin (in the book)

Spring or Fall? Fall to enjoy time with kids, walks, being outdoors

Mussels or clams? Mussels

How do you like your pizza? Plain, nothing but a good dough, good tomato sauce and good cheese

Pie or Cake? Pie

Favourite PEI ingredients? Not potato or gin, but lobster, anything local to PEI and his CSA box!

It was a great night with great people, great food and a nice experience. I will use the cookbook and miscellaneous goodies that we went home with to create a menu for the blog sometime this week!

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