Today I went to a good friend’s bridal shower. I have known this friend for just over 12 years and in that time, I have known her to be probably the most organized person I’ve ever met (her annual christmas party has an agenda, which we tick-off with markers… I should mention she is a teacher). It’s so fun and it’s always got a great theme. Her bridal shower was no different. This was a first for me, but I must say the Halloween-themed bridal shower is a must-do if you know someone getting married and Halloween is near. The guests were asked to show up in costume and prizes were given for the best and most dedicated. The presents were even in costume. I brought some pumpkin whoopie pies and salted caramel apples – I will share the recipes for these tomorrow.

For my daughter’s class we give a treat-free treat (to avoid any problems with allergies) with a mini-play dough and an eraser for each child. It’s something little but she like to do it and I don’t mind (finding things at the Dollar store and getting deals – like $7.99 for 80 containers of play dough make this easier to justify). Two things to consider: 1. The first time I did treats for my daughter, she was in daycare and I put each child’s name on their treat. I spent about 15 minutes just putting everyone’s goody in their cubby because they all shifted in the car. Writing something like “from your friend, _____” is always an easy alternative. 2. When we get toys from birthday party pinatas (like little bouncy balls or glow bracelets or pencils, etc.) I keep them in a box and at Halloween we hand those out too because otherwise they seem to get lost in the plethora of stuff all over the playroom. I can’t imagine what a nightmare Halloween must be for a child with food allergies so having a non-food option is always a good idea.

I’d love to hear your favourite Halloween ideas. More on the blog tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday as we gear up for one of my favourite holidays of the year!



3 thoughts on “Halloween!!!

  1. Wow! Halloween themed bridal shower! I would love to see the pictures. I never heard of that type of theme, pretty cool. I love making goody bags for the kids. The girls had a halloween party at preschool and I made goody bags, with pencils, stamps and candy. And I made homemade donuts!

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