Whoopie Pies and Caramel Apples


For a while now, I have wanted to make some caramel apples because they just look like fall to me. I subscribe to Marta Stewart Living magazine and this month’s issue came with a caramel apple featured on the cover. It was fate, I guess. Yesterday before I went to the Halloween themed bridal shower I made these as I thought time would not favour them well. If you’ve never made caramel before there are a few things to remember:

1. it seems like it takes a long time until it starts to colour and then leaving it a few seconds too long can ruin the whole thing and 2. when you pour in the heavy cream, it bubbles like crazy and if you’re pouring too fast you will have a huge mess and potential danger, go slowly.

Two more important things to keep in mind:

a) caramel apples do not harden like candy apples do and if you place them too close to one another they will stick together and

b) the caramel will only stick to room temperature apples so if you wash and dry them the night before you will have a successful caramel-apple making experience.

To watch the Martha Stewart team make them, go here. There’s something so wonderful about taking a bite into a caramel apple – refreshing apple and creamy caramel – perfect for fall indulgence!

Last summer my parents, my children and I decided to go to my uncle’s empty house in Brooklyn to house sit and watch their dog. We decided to save lots of money and drive down. We spent most of our sight-seeing time in Manhattan as there is just too much shopping and sightseeing to do but we also decided to spend one of our days in Brooklyn. My aunt gave me a list of Brooklyn-must dos and must-sees and on the list was “visit One Girl Cookies bakery” and we did, but we almost missed it. It’s a little (tiny) bakery on a side street and even though we were about to pick up Thai food from another “must” we decided to have two whoopie pies, one pumpkin and one chocolate. We split the whoopie pies but regretted that decision immediately and wished we’d bought dozens more. They were great. When I saw their cookbook available online I pre-ordered it and I never do that.

Their whoopie pie recipes are really easy to follow and the only adaption I make are to the spices (I’m not a ginger fan so I reduce the amount) and I don’t use their filling recipes. Once I discovered Swiss meringue buttercream, I refuse to make any other type of “filling.” Click here for their Banana Whoopie Pie with Dulce de Leche filling. Give it a try and if you like it, buy their book – you will definitely not regret it!


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