Dinner a la Michael Smith’s Fast Flavours

Last week I attended an evening with, who I called Canada’s Chef, Michael Smith. Part of our swag bag included a signed copy of his new book. I promised to make a dinner from his new recipes and the other day, I did. He doesn’t include a vegetarian section of the book, but there are […]

Step-by-Step: Minestrone Soup

Two things have changed overnight for us. First, where we live, it suddenly became fall and second, our daughter discovered a loose tooth. This may not seem significant to many people, however, to us it means she’s growing up. It also seems that our daughter, who is usually very well-adjusted, can’t seem to stop complaining […]

Everything but the kitchen sink cookies.

Our home, at times, feels like it has a revolving door. Whether it’s friends coming over for a coffee, family coming over for dinner, or play dates for my children, we seem to always have someone over or about to have someone over. This means two things: 1. my first floor has to be clean, […]

Pizza monkey bread

Every once in a while, I come across a recipe for monkey bread. If you have never heard of it before, it’s usually a dessert that’s made of little pieces of homemade bread dough, covered in butter and cinnamon sugar and then baked in a tube pan. Once slightly cooled you rip off a piece […]